Lpg Filter and Cng Filter- Producer Filgaz

Filgaz - liquid and gaseous phase filter for manufacturer for LPG-fuelled cars has been established since 2002. Our extensive offer of filter elements is tergeted at large wholesale sellers, LPG fuel system instalations centers, as alsko LPG fuel system manufactureres. With high quality products, our company has earned a good reputation, both locally ans worldwide. Filgaz is evolving rapidly and can offer great flexibility to satisfy the needs of our most damanding customers. Our competitve edge is based on low prices , on-time deliceres and high quality of products. With customer satisfaction as our main concern, we focus on tracking innovations across the market in order to be able to offer new products. In our offer You will find equally liquid phase filter inserts as also gaseous phase filter inserts, for which we have official type certification issued by the Ministry od Infrastructure. The filter paper applied in gaseous phase filters retains pollutant particles of 2-3 microns. We were among the first companies to introduce new filter technology of bonded filter paper in plastic casings Filtry LPG i CNG